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Mozart. Catalogue of his Works

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Hersteller: Bärenreiter

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This systematic catalogue of Mozart’s works, subdivided by genre, gathers together the latest findings of Mozart scholarship. It provides scholars and musicians with information in convenient tabular form on - numbers in the various editions of Köchel keys - scoring - dates - Old Mozart Edition - New Mozart Edition (NMA) and separate prints from NMA - index of Köchel numbers - other concise notes on nicknames, genesis, musical relations to other works, etc.

Preface/List of Abbreviations and Sigla/A. Vocal Music/B. Stage Works/C. Instrumental Music/D. Arrangements of Works by Other Composers/E. Fragments/F. Studies, Sketches, Drafts, Varia/G. Manuscript Copies of Works by Other Composers/H. Occasional Poems, Album Entries, Draft Comedies, Other Texts/Index:/Names/Places/Works by Number


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