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The Complete Theory Fun Factory

The Complete Theory Fun Factory


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The Complete Theory Fun Factory

About this book/Note Values/Bars and time signatures/The Stave and the musical alphabet/The Treble Clef/The Bass Clef/Rests/Dynamics/Ties/Dots/Repeats/More words and signs/Sharps and Vlats/The demiquaver and its rest/Tempo markings/More about tones and semitones/The major scales of C,G,D and F/Key sinatures/Cancelling Accidentals/Da Capo and dal segno/The 8va sign/More Tempo Markings/Degrees of the Scale/Tonic triads/Intervals/Grouping notes Composing and answering rhythm/Even more tempo markings/Ledger lines/The major scales of A,Bb and Eb/Introducing 2/2, 3/2 and 4/2/Moods in Music/Marmonic minor scales/Another time sinature: 3/8/New words and signs/Melodic minor scales/Grouping of rests/Triplets/Completing a four bar rhythm/Answers/Index

The Complete Theory Fun Factory

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