Hand-made Quality Control,

Every instrument, sheet music, book, or CD that leaves our house, is inspected, packed and sent to you by a highly qualified member of our staff. We do not simply send any kind of product, we send products of culture.

Our instruments grow up with our clients

Do you want to start with an inexpensive instrument just to have a taste of it and check whether you will be able to follow up to a higher level?

Do you have a child that needs a 1/4 Violin, next year a 1/2, and soon a 3/4 one?

In TONGER the instrument grows up with our client. Every instrument you buy with us will be taken back at a later stage for a fair price, when you have decided to obtain a new instrument at TONGER.

First-class range of products

Since some years now, the market of music instruments, sheet music, and media, has been flooded with cheap products from far-east. Violins that barely cost more that a set of strings, brass instruments that are worth less than their packaging, etc.. All these do not bring long-lasting happiness and soon end up forgotten, along with the efforts of an early musician.

All instruments that you buy at TONGER have a quality level that ensures rich sound experiences and excellent playability. Our goods are put together with great care, so that you can focus on what matters the most: the Music.

Social and Sustainable

We believe that any person carries a responsibility towards the society and the environment. In our projects, we struggle to give musical access to children with less resources.

We also try to reduce the environmental impact of our goods and therefore we recycle our packaging materials. Ironically, this process is more expensive, as we need to separate, to sort, and to store the recycled packaging. It is also not so elegant as having mint boxes with newly printed TONGER logos, but it spares countless cubic-meters of cardboard and plastic per year.

We are here for you!

If, by any reason, you are displeased with our work, we will not leave you out in the rain. Just give us a call and we will be there for you. Guaranteed!